Jason Vedadi: Young Entrepreneur Expands Titanium Builders and Development

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Jason Vedadi of Montana graduated from the University of Montana in 2001 with a business degree. During his time in college, Vedadi was a member of the popular fraternity Sigma Chi. After graduation, Vedadi put his business training to good use by opening his own mortgage company, where he specialized in both commercial and residential properties.

In 2006, Jason Vedadi created Titanium Builders and Development, a vertical construction company that constructs structures from the ground up and renovates existing properties. Vedadi started the building company in Spokane, Washington, and it soon expanded to Idaho, North Dakota, Montana and Arizona. In 2009, Jason closed his mortgage company to focus solely on growing Titanium Builders and Development.

The success of Titanium Builders is likely a direct result of Vedadi’s determination, keen business insight and strong leadership skills. Some of the projects that have been successfully completed by Titanium Builders include the creation of retail offices, high-end housing developments, multi-family housing units and other prestigious projects.

One of the company’s most popular projects is the Hunter’s Run planned community. This planned community provides both living areas and employment possibilities complete with contemporary design features. The high-end houses come with picturesque landscaping and easy access to parks, playgrounds, schools and other amenities.

Thanks to Vedadi, Titanium Builders and Development’s expansion looks promising. With the company’s continued commitment to using quality products and offering superb customer service, Titanium Builders is growing quickly. Vedadi’s goal of making Titanium Builders and Development the preferred building company in the state of North Dakota is well on its way to being realized.

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